Artist Trading Cards

Trained artists from The Beautiful Stuff Project are available Wednesday afternoons (for kids) & Thursday evenings (for adults) to teach Art Trading Card workshops on-site at our storefront. Our Artist Trading Cards curriculum introduces kids to a variety of art mediums & is a powerful tool for building self-esteem, pro-social skills & for having fun. We believe in them because we know that when kids are engaged in something meaningful & exciting, they are their most available as an artist & they feel proud of their work. 


Artist Trading Cards have a long history with a variety of applications, but the basics remain universal: the cards themselves are a novelty, measuring only 2 1/2” x 3 1/2”, there is no restriction on the medium (collage, crayon-melting, sewing, etc) & creating & trading a final product is loads of fun!


Wednesdays—for kids

Cost: $10

Location: Storefront (511 Medford St., Somerville)

Time: 3-4pm

*Supplies & cards available 

Thursdays—ATC adult meet-up

Cost: $10 

Location: Storefront (511 Medford St., Somerville)

Time: 6-8pm

*Art supplies included in cost, Art Card Packs available on-site for $2/pack of 10

I think they get the sense of working with a real artist who shows appreciation and interest in their work.  They get access to a medium that is both familiar, as they are collectors, and novel as they likely had not thought of creating their own.  There is a sense that art is achievable as the “canvas” is small and not overwhelming to fill. Then there are all of the educational links and possibilities around sequencing activities, cards to represent feelings, characters from a story, etc.!
— Summer Camp Director